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More Frequently Asked Questions on our About Us & Reviews page


Supervised access is when parenting time is supervised, by Order or consent. This may be due to allegations, a concern for child safety or abduction, a period time has lapsed without contact, or a parent-child relationship has not yet been established.


Supervised Access. Access Supervision

Supervised Visitation. Supervised Parenting Time

Q: What industry standards, licensing, and training exist in the access supervision industry?

A: Shockingly, none. Axiom is the only agency subject to Government licensing (annual, several levels), & criminal records checks. Axiom has created and implemented policies within our industry, with the hopes these will become standardized. 

Q: What qualifications does someone need to be a supervisor?

A: None, because there are no licensing or standards in the regular industry. Many agencies use minimum wage supervisors (even though their hourly rates are higher than Axiom's). Axiom never uses minimum wage supervisors. Our supervisors are the most highly-trained and experienced in the industry.

Q: Do you testify at Trial and why do so many other agencies refuse to?

A: Axiom absolutely testifies at Trial. Without the writer being subject to cross-examination, the reports may not be allowed into evidence* (*we are not lawyers. We do not offer legal advice & nothing we say shall be interpreted as such. Please consult Counsel). If your supervisor refuses to testify, your reports may be worthless. Why do they refuse? Because they either don't want to, or they have previously been found to be not credible. Some have Supreme Court Justices ruling that they were not credible, unbiased, professional, truthful ...Your supervisor MUST have a solid reputation for being credible and unbiased.

Q: Can you recommend a really good family law litigator?

A: We sure can and are happy to do so for anyone who requests it (both parties). We have specialized in the most high-conflict. complex, and challenging cases since 2005, so we are very familiar with Counsel and their litigation styles and records. Axiom has no vested interest in offering names of Counsel and receives no benefit or consideration for doing so. We genuinely want to help families and this is yet another tool we are able to utilize to that end.


Your case is only as good as your supervisor. Vetting a supervisor & their credibility and reputation is vital. Please see our ABOUT US & REVIEWS page for Judicial Endorsements, links to Rulings, and Reviews

Axiom is the industry leader in high-conflict, high-risk, complex, and reunification supervised access.


Cases are either investigations or supervision. These are two separate and distinct departments of our business, with no overlap. The fact our CEO is a fully licensed PI and agency owner only further serves to benefit our supervision clients. Unlike the regular access supervision industry, we undergo finger printing, criminal records checks, and multiple levels of annual personal and business relicensing. Surprisingly, none of these are required or typical in the regular access supervision industry. Axiom's extensive experience with even the most challenging and high-risk cases means your child's best interests are being served and protected and that you can be assured that our forensic reports and testimony are credible and unbiased. We have had countless cases where Axiom reports represent the entirety of a client's evidentiary materials. 

We remain unbiased and work in the best interest of the child. 

Even without industry standards, Axiom has the highest standards of practice. Our access supervisors are the most highly trained in the industry. Axiom does not use minimum wage supervisors. 

Our access supervision cases range from voluntary (no Order) to those involving child abuse and the highest level of risk (with Protection or other Orders).


Even without an Order of supervised access, some parents and Counsel opt for a Voluntary Parental Report. Our supervisors will spend time with a parent and their children and then compile an unbiased forensic report of our observation. 



  • An extended length of time has passed without contact

  • A relationship has not yet been established

  • A concern for, or history of, substance abuse

  • The parent has questionable or limited parenting skills 

  • There is a risk or concern of abduction

  • There is a concern, allegation, or history, of an unfit or unsafe environment or third party

  • There is a concern, or history, of non-adherence to Court Orders

  • There is a concern, allegation, or history, of neglect, physical, emotional, or sexual abuse 


Vetting your supervisor is vital.

  • By nature (and necessity) these services are confidential, so it may not be possible to rely on (genuine) client reviews, especially with all the fake reviews out there (positive and negative)

  • Referrals and recommendations from Counsel (Lawyers) or the Courts (Judges) are usually the best option

  • Attorneys and Judges refer to Axiom because of our proven reputation for being credible, unbiased, and professional; and for our forensic reports and testimony

  • Because there are no regulations or oversight in the regular supervision industry, you may want to ask
    about training, qualifications, and licensing (over and above a municipal business license)

  • Ask about their experience and if they are criminal record checked

  • Ask if they testify in Court (and about related costs). Many refuse to do so and some* even have clients agree in

      writing that they will not ask them to testify (*in some cases, this is because a Judge has found them not credible).

  • Ask if they have any Judicial endorsements (some of ours are above)

  • Ask if they use minimum wage supervisors

  • Visit our ABOUT US & REVIEWS page for Judicial Endorsements, links to Rulings, and Reviews


Your service, reports, and testimony are only as good (or as bad) as your supervisor and their credibility. When it comes to your child's safety, clients need to feel confident that they have made the best possible choice for their 

family and their case.


Please see our PI Services page. 


Our background is in At-Risk Child and Youth protection, advocacy, and counselling. We have decades of

experience in this field.


Tel: 604-217-1084
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